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Prenlyn History

The name “Prenlyn” is derived from the founders of the company, Prentice and Evelyn Beers, with “Pren” representing Prentice and “lyn” representing Evelyn. The company’s journey began in 1976 when Prentice, Evelyn, and their son Tracy established their first Midas location. Two years later, Tracy’s brother-in-law, Herb Hollinger, became a part of the company. Together, Tracy and Herb worked diligently to expand the business, opening new locations and acquiring existing franchises.

In 2010, Tracy’s sons, Brian and Chris Beers, joined the company and embarked on a comprehensive learning experience, starting from the ground up. In 2015, Brian assumed the role of President, while Chris became the Vice President. At that time, the company managed six locations in the Philadelphia market.

In 2016, Brian and Chris initiated an expansion plan, acquiring additional locations and opening new ones in the Philadelphia region. By 2021, Prenlyn had extended its presence into New Jersey, and in 2022, it further expanded into Allentown.

— Our Core Values

Our steadfast commitment is to surpass client expectations, regardless of obstacles. Through unwavering dedication, we ensure the delivery of excellence across all our services on a daily basis.

— Our Mission

The primary focus of the Prenlyn Automotive Group revolves around inspiring growth. We recognize the universal desire for both personal and professional development among individuals.

— Our Vision

Our vision for this year entails expanding our business through the acquisition of additional franchises. We aim to enhance our current processes and reports, striving for improved efficiency and effectiveness. This involves streamlining processes and enhancing our reporting system to better serve our objectives.

— Our Culture

Our aim in fostering an inclusive and diverse company culture is to empower both our employees and customers to achieve extraordinary goals. Through collective collaboration, we make our aspirations tangible and attainable. By leveraging the insights and contributions of all, we foster collaboration to deliver the best of Prenlyn to our customers.

— Our Goals

We prioritize delivering for our customers as much as we prioritize supporting our team members. With ambitious goals set for this year, we recognize the increased need for support among our people. In response, we are streamlining current processes and enhancing our operational efficiency to better meet these objectives.

— Team Support

With significant goals set for this year, we understand the increased demand for support among our team. Alongside streamlining processes, we intend to provide training opportunities and establish mentorship circles. It’s crucial to foster continuous learning and growth among our workforce, enabling us to achieve ambitious goals year after year.

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